Rules of Etiquette For Tipping a Blackjack Dealer

September 24th, 2017 7:23 pm EST

Blackjack dealer and customer interacting at the table.  All smiles.Just like eating in a restaurant, people have different rules when it comes to tipping a blackjack dealer.

Again, just like in a restaurant, the size of the tip will be largely dependent on the job that the dealer is doing. Is the dealer avoiding mistakes? Is the dealer a relatively fun person? Is the dealer operating the game in a quick and efficient manner?

If the answer to these three questions is "yes", you should go ahead and tip your dealer. Like it or not, many blackjack dealers depend on tips from customers to make a living. The sad reality of the situation is that casinos will usually pay their dealers as little as possible, leaving it to the dealers to collect as much tip money as they can.

This is not very fair to the customer, though it's the reality of the situation.

Now - tipping.

When I play blackjack, I like to tip based on the stakes that I'm playing, and also based on the job that the dealer is doing.

If the dealer is relatively nice and is dealing an efficient game, I will tip them more than somebody who is grumpy and/or dealing slowly.

If I am playing $10/hand, I will usually tip something like $5-$10 per hour, depending on how I am doing. If I am winning, I will obviously tip more. If I go on a big run and I'm up a bunch, I may tip something like $20-$30.

You obviously can't tip every time you win a hand, or you will quickly run out of money. The odds are against you in blackjack as it is - tipping too frequently will result in you busting your bankroll in an extremely brisk manner.

Blackjack dealers will frequently change, so if you have liked your dealer and they are leaving the table, send them a tip before they go. Again, if I have really liked them, I will give them a full bet (something like $5 or $10).


There is nothing wrong with rewarding a strong dealer, and they will surely appreciate it and might even remember your face if they deal cards for you in the future.