Atlantic City Facts and History - Play Blackjack in Monopoly City

April 2nd, 2009 - 11:36am PST

best places to play blackjack in atlantic city - the city that is always turned onAtlantic City! It's always been as great as it is now! Originally, in the 1850s, the city was a retreat for the wealthy elite of Philadelphia. But quickly, the city began to blossom into what it is today; one of the most famous tourist destinations around the world with a magic all its own. The city is still even more iconic even than its counterpart Monopoly, the Parker Brothers game that is based on the city. Did you know that Park Place, the Boardwalk, and Marvin Gardens are all straight from Atlantic City?

Worshiping wealth, luxe, and a lifestyle more exciting and extraordinary than the mundate every day, Atlantic City was posh even at its outset. The United States Hotel in Atlantic City was one of the first fantastically rich hotels of its kind. When it was built, it was the nation's largest hotel with over six hundred rooms. President Ulysses S. Grant even vacationed there himself. At the turn of the century, the city was already famous with a four mile long boardwalk and several sparkling hotel resorts. Atlantic City was the destination for the nouveau riche of the early 1900s. By the flapper era, Atlantic City was known as the East Coast version of Hollywood. While Prohibition tried to wreak havoc on some of the fun, underground gambling continued, and games like blackjack and poker survived the nation's short attempt at sobriety.

With the onset of World War II, things slowed down a lot in Atlantic City, and after the war, the new availability of airplane travel for the rich shifted tourism westward. For awhile, Atlantic City quited down. However, in the late 1970s, Atlantic City was reborn with extra glitter and shine. In 1978, the City was the first on America's East Coast to legalize the game of blackjack. Since then, the game has drawn tourists from around the world to the casinos of Atlantic City, which is now the biggest gambling city in the United States after Las Vegas. There is even a famous version of blackjack called Atlantic City blackjack, named for the slightly different way in which the game is played there. As you stroll up and down the boardwalk, it is impossible to ignore the draw that the city has. Maybe its because the ghosts of the city's rich past still haunt Park Place. But whatever it is, Atlantic City still draws thousands to its shores every year.