Playing Blackjack at the Monte Carlo Casino

May 5th, 2009 - 1:04am

A beautiful night shot of the famous Monte Carlo Casino.When it comes to the most famous and luxurious casinos in the world, there are few with as much history as the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. This casino has been featured in tons of movies and books, and as such, it remains one of the most well known locations in the world, too. Though there is something of a replica version located in Las Vegas, the real Monte Carlo Casino is not a whole lot like that, and it has its own flavor. What makes it great is a combination of things, all of which combine to create the setting that has been immortalized in movies and in print. From the outright extravagance of the casino to the famous people who you might see there, Monte Carlo is truly unique.

The casino at Monte Carlo dates all the way back to 1863, when the new facility was officially approved and commissioned by the government of Monaco. Since then, the casino has become the staple of one of the world's most affluent and luxurious countries. Monaco is a small nation located within France, and it has a unique way of doing things. Some of the world's richest people have homes there, and they enjoy a great deal of security and privacy as a result of their location. Still, people are able to come to Monte Carlo to play at the casino, which offers a full assortment of table games.

The casino exclusively serves tourists, as citizens of Monaco cannot enter the gaming areas. These places are as nice as they are rich, and provide a great place for individuals who want to enjoy gambling in its purest form. Though there are many games in the casino area, blackjack is the bread and butter for this casino. It was featured in American author Ben Mezrich's book, "Busting Vegas", as a place where the world's biggest and baddest come to play blackjack. The blackjack pit is large, with numerous tables going depending upon which day of the week it is.

The majority of people who play blackjack at the Monte Carlo do so at high stakes, simply because of the atmosphere. This is a place to see high rollers at their best, and the government of Monaco invites their action. Many attempts have been made to cheat the casino, but few have been successful in this venture, mostly because of the level of security and the scrutiny with which players are reviewed.

Photo: fr.zil