Friend Who Was Pressing Buttons "For Luck" Awarded $100,000 Jackpot

April 8th, 2017 5:19 pm EST

See you later and thank you for the jackpot.  Drawing / illustration.Consider this a warning against letting your "friends" press buttons for you at a casino for "luck".

Jan Flato, a gambler from the state of Florida, travels the country to play the slot machines in different casinos. In some cases, Flato will have his friends push buttons for him for "good luck". This is a pretty common occurrence, as many slots players will play a number of different slot machines at the same time.

Flato thought that he was in for a very big payday after one of the machines that he was "playing" hit a $100,000 jackpot. Or so he thought.

Unfortunately for Flato, his "friend", Marina Medvedeva Navarro, was pushing the buttons on the machine that spat out the $100,000 jackpot.

Instead of taking a cut of the jackpot after pushing the buttons, Navarro decided that she wanted the entire jackpot. After reviewing the tapes, workers at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino decided that Navarro was the rightful winner of the prize as she had been the one to push the buttons when the $100,000 jackpot was awarded.

Casino employees, in accordance with their rules, awarded Navarro with $50,000 in cash and a $50,000 check.

Did Navarro give Flato any of the money? Not a chance. Instead, she asked for the casino security guards to escort her out of the casino to keep Flato away from her prize money.


This should serve as a lesson to any gamblers out there who take friends with them to the casino - if they let them press the buttons, you will likely have no claim to the prize if a jackpot hits.

Source: - Man Denied $100,000 Jackpot Because Friend Pushed The Button