Giving Other Players Advice - Is It Wrong?

September 17th, 2011 1:12 am EST

The King is in Las Vegas, pondering if card counting should be punishable in casinos.If you know a bit about blackjack, then you have probably been tempted to give advice to another player at the table at one time or another.

A player at the table doesn't double down when they obviously should, and you gnash your teeth.

A player at the table hits when they shouldn't, and you are very tempted to speak up and say something. After all, you would rather see them win than hand their money over to the casino.

The question is - is it wrong to speak up and try to help another player at the table?

The answer - it depends.

If the player asks for your assistance, then there is NOTHING wrong with offering your opinion. "Excuse me, what do you think I should do here?" "Well, you probably want to double down." There is absolutely nothing wrong with this exchange.

Now, if the player does not ask for your advice, then you should not say anything. If you give unsolicited advice, then you will likely irritate the other players at the table, as well as the dealer.

In short - if you are asked for your advice at the table, then it is OK to give it. If not, you should just focus on your own hand.