Developing a Winning Program

Developing a winning blackjack program takes time, money and energy.
There is a definite gameplan that you should develop though, if you wish to become a successful blackjack player. Here are some tips that we would suggest:

1) Read, read, and read some more. Develop a profound understanding of the game by buying a few books from on blackjack. Learn what splitting means, what doubling down means, and develop an encyclopedic knowledge of the odds associated with each combination of cards.

2) Observe. If you live near a casino, drive out some time and observe the people playing blackjack. Drift from table to table so as not to annoy anybody. Try to find somebody who seems relatively successful and watch how they play. If the person is any good, you should
notice some fairly obvious patterns in regards to betting and splitting.

3) Play for free and practise. We have a free blackjack game on our
site. Use it. Play for days or weeks or months. But keep playing until you feel comfortable with the game of blackjack. It can be tempting to jump right into real money betting, but that's not recommended when you are just starting out.

4) Play with small amounts. Nurse your bankroll. There is nothing worse than blowing your stack on the first day.

5) Money management. Develop a maximum bet strategy in your head.
If you are playing with $100, don't do 5 $20 bets. Do 20 $5 bets so that your game lasts longer. When you are on a hot streak, slightly increase the size of your bets. When you are on a cold streak, decrease the size of your bets.

6) Keep playing. Don't stop playing just cause you lost a few hands
in a row. Look at it as an opportunity to learn, and keep playing. You'll have cold and hot streaks, that's just part of the game.

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