Blackjack - Terminology

Bust -- when the player has a hand that adds up to a total of more than 21. This results in at best a push, at worst a loss of the hand

Chips -- the betting device used in blackjack. Chips come in all sorts of different denominations

Double Down -- when the player is dealt a pair of favorable cards, normally a 9, 10, or 11, and doubles
the amount of their bet. The only disadvantage in this is that the player is only allowed to draw one more card

Face Cards -- Jack, Queen or King, all having a value of 10

Hit -- when a player requests another card from the dealer

Hole Card -- the face down card that the dealer has. This card is turned over once all of the players have made their wagers and have all taken action

Insurance -- when the dealer gets an ace to start the hand, you can buy insurance for half of your total original bet. If the dealer gets blackjack, you are protected from the normal loss you would have incurred. If the dealer does not get blackjack but still beats you, you lose your original bet, plus the half of the bet used for the insurance

Push -- basically a tie. When the player neither wins nor loses

Split -- when the player is dealt a pair of card, they have the option of "splitting" the cards
and basically having two active hands. For instance, if the player is dealt two 8's, they can split
the hand, and have two 8's as the first card of their hands.

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