Splitting Pairs in Game of Blackjack

Splitting pairs is also fairly self-explanatory. If you are dealt
two aces to start the hand, then you would wish to split the aces and play each as a separate hand. Why? Because starting with an ace is a favorable hand, and you are doubling your chances of winning. Keep in mind though, that this can be dangerous as you are basically playing two hands instead of one, and could stand to lose twice as much.

There are many different splits that you could possibly play, but a basic rule is that you always split aces and 8's, and never split 5's or 10's. The 5's rule is probably apparently, as a 5 is a terrible first card to be dealt, so why would you want to play 2 5's, but not splitting the 10's might not be as apparent. The reason is that a 20 is a very strong hand, one that will likely win, so you don't want to break this up.