Blackjack - Online Edge

In other publications, you will hear about gaining an edge through card counting, or by figuring out
the Random Number Generator that a casino game uses. This is, in our opinion, a complete waste of time, and instead you should focus on how to improve your edge through more traditional online casino means.

The best way to increase your edge playing online blackjack is to shop around at casinos, and look for the
casinos that pay out the biggest bonuses. Most casinos will match your original deposit anywhere up to
100% of your initial deposit, up to a certain amount of money. Also, many casinos will offer bonuses just for
playing a certain amount of time. Shop around, and look for the best bonuses, and the casinos which have
the best reputations. Ignore the casinos that offer huge bonuses if you haven't heard anything about them.

The best way to increase your online edge is to gain a thorough understanding of the game of blackjack, and study the game. Through a combination of bonuses and traditional means (being a good blackjack player), you can gain an advantage over the house. Ignore those talking about counting cards or figuring out the random number generator used by the casino.