Blackjack Playing Decisions

Hitting -- where the player decides to draw another card to add to his total. The danger in hitting is that you run the risk of busting your hand

Busting -- when the total amount of your cards, considering the
value of aces as well, is above 21. This results in you losing the
hand, unless the player busts as well

Standing -- when the player decides that he is happy with his cards, and will not draw anymore

Splitting -- when the player is dealt a pair, such as two aces, and decides that he will split the pairs and have two hands instead of one. In this situation, the amount of the bet is doubled

Doubling Down -- after drawing two cards, the player may decide to
double the bet if he thinks that his hand is going to win (such as drawing an eleven -- the odds of hitting a face card or 10 are fairly high and warrant a doubling of the bet)

Insurance -- when the dealer starts with an ace, you can buy insurance
for a total cost of half of your total bet. If the dealer hits a
blackjack, you don't lose any money .. if the dealer does not hit a blackjack at this point, you lose your original bet plus the
insurance, if you lose the hand

players and dealer around the blackjack table