Review of Casino de Montreal - Largest Casino in Canada

April 26th, 2009 - 10:16pm pst

Casino de Montreal - Logo and building photograph on a sunny day.The Casino de Montreal is located in quite a stylish building, which was formerly known as the Pavilion of France, during the 1970 World Expo. Tourists often have trouble finding the Casino de Montreal because of its' discrete location on the small island, "Isle Notre-Dame". Many think that this is downtown Montreal, and others have a hard time following directions, since the streets in this area are quite confusing to follow.

Taxicab fare from anywhere in Montreal to the casino will range in price, and is usually anywhere between about $10.00-$45.00 Canadian dollars. Montreal's subway system is known as "La Metro", and does go to the casino. The only downfall of this reliable source of transportation is that La Metro closes at 1:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday, so you'd need to leave the casino well ahead of time. Most Montreal hotels do offer some sort of complimentary shuttle service to The Casino de Montreal, and it is well advised to utilize this service if you are not familiar with the casino's location. You may want to take a taxi if you are not staying at a hotel that offers shuttle service. If you end up driving yourself to the casino, 5 fabulous floors of complimentary parking are offered underground as well as some other complimentary aboveground parking lots located further away. Complimentary bus services to the casino doors are usually also available in the casino parking lots that are further away.

The largest casino in Canada is The Casino of Montreal, which also happens to be one of the ten largest casinos in the entire world. The Casino provides 5 glorious floors of gambling in its' main pavilion, as well as 2 extra floors in the pavilion that is adjacent to the main one. You’ll find a huge choice of slot machines that match just about anyone’s budget including penny machines, and nickel machines, and everything else going up past $25.00 machines. The slot machines are currently only found on the 1st, and 2nd, as well as 4th floors. Of course, The Casino of Montreal offers your typical table games such as Black Jack, Craps, Poker, Roulette, and even introduces a table game called "La Bataille".

Many of the casino’s table games have a minimum bet of $25-$50 Canadian dollars and have a maximum bet of about $500. When it's busy, and usually during the daytime hours, you can find a few $5.00 dollar tables. Occasionally, there are tables ranging from $10.00-$15.00 some evenings, usually when it's most busy. Something people may find strange, if they aren't familiar with this casino's policies, are that blackjack tables can be reserved for up to 15 minutes. This means, someone can request to reserve a table, leave for 15 minutes to go to the washroom or get a drink, and during that entire 15 minutes, nobody will be able to sit in their requested seat.

For the high rollers, The Casino of Montreal has an area that's called ''The Salon des Hautes Mises''. In here, the minimum bets are usually around $500-$1000. There are also the two bingo machines used for groups and carry a $3.00 minimum bet. There are two Sega Royal machines that carry a 25-cent minimum, and both machines are especially designed for the electronic gambling amateurs. The Casino of Montreal also offers a quiet, peaceful, Keno Lounge. The tickets here are about $2.00. The Keno payouts here are much higher than in other casinos around the Montreal area.

There are two delectable main restaurants to choose from at the The Casino of Montreal. The first is Nuances, which offers a full, gourmet buffet that typically costs around $20.00 per person on weekends, but a la carte dinner is also available here at usually less of a cost. La Bonne Mise restaurant in the casino is solely an a la carte restaurant and costs anywhere from $15.00-$50.00 per person for dinner including wine. The Casino of Montréal is home to four stylish bars, which are spread throughout the casino, and can be very easily spotted.

The Casino of Montreal is definitely worth checking out if you are going to be in the Montreal area. Stay the day while you play and enjoy a delicious gourmet dinner. Especially for anyone who loves to play a great game of blackjack or hit the slot machines, Casino of Montreal is the perfect place to get your game on.