Etiquette at the Blackjack Table in a Casino

March 16th, 2009 - 5:22pm PST

people around a blackjack tableAll sports place a great deal of emphasis on good conduct and sportsmanship. Blackjack is no exception. Although gambling is generally associated with many immoral behaviors, such as cheating, the reality is quite different. In blackjack, as with any other sport, you will be expected to follow a code of conduct and adhere to its accepted rules and decorum and be considerate of others.

Blackjack etiquette, first and foremost, is to level the playing field (or table, in this case,) and ensure that on one can play in any way that could be construed as cheating. When your chips are on the table, leave them where they are. Do not even touch them, because some people may think that your trying to adjust your bet after having seen your hand. If you think it wise to double down, place your new bet next to the old bet, not on top of it. That way, what you are playing is transparent and everyone can see that you are not cheating in any way.

When telling the dealer whether you wish to take a new card or stand, do not actually say "hit" or "stand." In a casino, the level of noise will most likely be to loud for you to be heard if talking at a reasonable level. If you wish to be heard, you would have to shout. Needless to say, that would be extremely rude and disruptive. If you want to hit, move your hand towards you to gesture to the dealer that you would like a card. If you do not need another card, move your hand from side to side in a "no thanks" motion.

Be sure to purchase your chips before you sit down at the blackjack table. Although many casinos allow you to do so at the table, it is polite to buy chips in a way that does not disrupt the game. Exchanging cash before you go to play blackjack makes the game better for everyone.

If you adhere to the etiquette expected of you while playing blackjack, you will go far. It is incumbent on you to follow the rules and refrain from doing anything to disrupt play. If you are polite and fair, a fun gaming experience is ensured for all participants. Have fun, and be sure to tip the dealer!